Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Things Fridays

Happy Friday Friends and Happy November!!
I cannot believe its a only a few weeks till Christmas.  This year has flown by and before I know it I will be back in SA.  Anyway, here's to a new month and I hope you accomplish whatever goals you have set out for this month.  Pssst...start with your Christmas shopping NOW!!

Favorite video

Favorite pics, I have 2 this week
I found this on CodeBlack Entertainment and the caption read;
"Stop trying to fit in when you were born to Stand Out"
Need I say more ROTFLMAO

Favorite quote
The gorgeous and sexy Idris Elba had this on his Facebook wall

Favorite email from my second Mommy 
Hi baby Neo
Hope you are well.

I know they have told a lot about the party, but allow me tell you too.  It was great; it was graced by all the Mokoena’s from Heidelberg, except you babe....eish!
Nkabi looked stunning, you know mos.  God blessed us with rain the afternoon before and provided us with a perfect weather on Saturday.
The children enjoyed themselves.

Thank you so much for your friendship with Tshego, it has brought two families together.

Maboi Mpye

Favorite facebook wall post
Favorite song name is Neo and I''m a Rihanna Addict
She's gorgeous, young, daring and BFFs with my alter ego LOL
Girl can't sing to save her life but I love her!!

Favorite tweet
Favorite scripture
Ephesians 4v2-3
2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Wishing you all a super weekend and take care!  

Stay Blessed!


Keke said...

You need to explain what's happening with that weave, please? Is that real? The horror!

Anonymous said...

:) LOL! That weave is UN-BE-WEAVABLE!! lol!!

Ma Tshego is too sweet :) You were indeed the only element missing on that day!

LOL! I see u still cant get enough of RiRi???!!! LOL!!

Soon you'll be back home....cant wait!! LOL!! Be sure to make the most of the last few months that side!

Love u lots sis!


Tshego said...

Yho!! I'm gona tell mama she made it to the internet lol! So sweet of you to post that gal :)
LOVE the CodeBlack caption, so much truth in that. And big ups to those who aren't afraid to stand out!!
You gave me an idea for my next hairdo with that pic gal. I'll be setting trends, you'll see.
Riri is taking over the world!! #word
Can't wait for you to come back home but at the same time I want you to extend ur stay there cos I know what I know. God knows best though :)

"...humble and gentle; be patient..." we struggle so much with these in our everyday lives but we're backed by the King of Kings. We shall overcome!!

Tshego said...

ps.I dig what Lerato said,so sweet. Heaven is definitely smiling :)

Neo said...

@Keke, apparently its real babe, I don't know, I saw the pic on twitter! LMAO Shame man!!
@Motsh, UN-BE-WEAVABLE!! Kwaaaaa!! Ja no, RiRi is my drug LOL. I sure will make the best of my last couple of months here, thanks sis!
@Tshego,LOL I'm sure she'll just laugh. Ja no, I had to share the CodeBlack image and caption. I can already see you with the hairdo lol! I had to share the tweet, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling LOL

Love you ladies and have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

Favorite things by far my fav blog...-f there is something to look forward to on fridays its reading ur friday blogs...msuch a sweet email from ur second mom, absolutely heartworming...mbut u missed one thing on ur fav friday"marotongfontien" u lots;)..Ntombi