Monday, November 14, 2011

The Call: Detroit

Firstly, apologies for not posting my Favorite Things Friday last week, but in my defense I had a valid reason.

This past weekend thousands from across America gathered at the Ford Field Stadium in Detroit to fast, pray and cry out to God.  The Call is a movement of prayer gathering for young adults to pray and fast for breakthroughs and revival. It began in Washington DC in the year 2000 gathering over 400 000 people to pray and fast for the USA.   
**Source:  Google
Lou Engle 
Visionary and co-founder of The Call

The Young Adult group from our church, New Dimension Church in Providence, attended The Call, Detroit which took place on 11 & 12 November 2011.  We left on Thursday, 10 November 2011 around 23:30 and started on our 14hr drive to Detroit.

The journey began...
This was just before we left Providence
Priscilla, Aja and I

We slept most of the way to Detroit and 
I tried to take pics every time I was awake.
9hrs later

After a coffee stop...some were a bit wired! LOL

After the caffeine had worn out...Manny passed out again 
(please don't kill me for this pic) LOL


Aja and I had a mini photo shoot just before we arrived at the hotel LOL
This was the best pic although she loathes it, sorry hon!!

Umm...that's Washington Blvd and Michigan Ave

The Westin Hotel
Doormat leading to the hotel

Our beautiful room

My roomy, Gabby
Such a beautiful soul

After a 2min shower we were off to the Ford Field Stadium to participate in the prayer and fasting.  There were some protesters outside the we're all aware, not everyone is pro God.
Whilst waiting to go into the stadium

We finally made our way in and were offered some reading material 
to take back home.

The venue was packed and people kept coming in and 
leaving as it was a 24hr session

Praise and Worship was SPECTACULAR!!! WHOA!!!

There was a point where we worshiped for a full 3hrs straight and it was POWERFUL!! There were a lot of Pastors from all over Detroit and out of state that shared their message and led us in prayer.  The following were prayed for extensively:

Abortion - There was a woman who shared her story on how she had terminated her baby at the age of 16, she was accompanied by a family member and had to later go back to the clinic as they hadn't "vacuumed out all of her baby".  Then there was a Pastor who went down on his knees and asked every man that had paid for an abortion or forced a woman to got through one to kneel down with him and repente on behalf of every man that had ever done that.  His prayer was so heart wrenching as he asked God for forgiveness, asked all the ladies to forgive all the men that neglected and refused to take responsibility for their actions.  He too, had paid for his then college girlfriend's abortion. WHOA!!!

Racism - WHOA!! This was so intense. We had white Pastors apologize on behalf of their white counterparts to the black Pastors and vice versa, also had Asians apologizing to the black folk for coming into their neighborhoods and taking over without giving back to them.  We were then asked to pray with someone of a different race and repent for what we had done to one another and ask God to help us let go of any ill feelings we might still have from the past.  This was incredible as you could almost touch God's love and presence during this.  It was so intense!

Breastplate Prayer Movement - One of the Bishops suggested that we carry 12 people on our breastplate and pray for them until they accept salvation from God.  He suggested that we choose;  3 family members, 3 friends, 3 colleagues or neighbors and 3 strangers (celebrities, someone you see on the bus or wherever) and PRAY for them until they get saved P.U.S.H.!!!  I especially loved this idea and think its one that we can all participate in. He urged us to make a difference ONE PRAYER AT A TIME!  Feel free to watch the video explaining the movement
Exodus 28v29:  "In this way, Aaron will carry the names of the tribes of Israel on the sacred chestpiece over his heart when he goes into the Holy Place. This will be a continual reminder that he represents the people when he comes before the LORD.

Hip Hop & Social Media Culture - One of the ladies led a prayer where she was asking God to remove the spirit of worshiping celebrities, hip hop stars, spending all our days on social media sites and be a nation that is hungry for God and spreading the gospel.  I was especially provoked by her prayer as I too don't appreciate the world we live in and how our views and opinions are influenced by celebrities and not the word of God (says the girl that spends at least 9hrs of her day on twitter and facebook) in the same breathe, I believe these platforms maybe used to impact lives positively and be used to spread the gospel.

Leaders of Countries:  Barack Obama - We were led in prayer and prayed for America and her leaders.  I took this time to pray for Africa and her leaders as I think we desperately need prayer and God's hand upon our continent.

Healing - One of the Pastors asked everyone who had any sort of ache or pain to raise their hands and we had to go around laying hands on the sick and prayed for them.  Some people were healed during this powerful praying session and some might have not been healed but felt slightly better.  Matthew 10v8:  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

I unfortunately couldn't stay for the full 24hrs as sleep got the better of, my roomy and I spent roughly 18hrs at The Call and it was the most enriching and amazing experience ever. I don't believe anyone left The Call the same person they were when they arrived.  I believe everyone had an intimate encounter with Jesus.  His presence, His love was so tangible in that place and I just I feel sooo soooo blessed to have had the opportunity to attend such an ordained meeting with fellow sons and daughters of the King.
My New Dimension Family

I would like to thank Priscilla for organizing the trip for us, all the drivers for getting us there and back safely and for travel mercies of course.

We had all worked up quite an appetite after the praise and worship and prayer.  Off we headed to Five Guys for some delicious, greasy burgers LOL

Came across the following on our way there...pretty cool huh!?
It says "Jesus Set Me Free" for those that couldn't read it

Downtown Detroit

I really wish I could have explored more of the city of Detroit but due to time constraints and my feet hurting from all the standing, it was impossible for me to do so.  The little walking that I managed to do left me feeling rather depressed and sad for Detroit.  The place felt deserted and rather depressed.  There's a lot of run down buildings and the city wasn't exactly busy for a Saturday night...guess it explains why The Call was hosted in Detroit. God bless Detroit and her people!

Totally random, but this is a sign from the rest room at Five Guys
So...I didn't wash my hands as I'm not an employee there LMAO

Thank you Lou Engle for obeying God's word and gathering thousands of people to pray and fast.  Thanks to my family at New Dimension Church for all the love you've shown me.  I am exceedingly and abundantly blessed.

Stay Blessed xoxo


Tshego said...

WOW!! #speechless

Mara SIES!! for not washing ur hands. Guess ur burger had more than just grease lol. definitely jumping on the breastplate wagon :)

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what happened to you Friday's post...You're forgiven though, was for a moving cause :)

You didn't bump into Marshall Mathers did you?? LOL!!

Awesome post! Looks like you had an amazing and enriching time :) I especially like the breastplate prayer idea...

I can't believe there were ppl protesting against such a powerful movement and a GOD?!! That's just a sad sight! Hope you all prayed for them...cos I know I am...

xxx Motsh

Neo said...

@Tshego, LOL hau Gal!! Of course I washed my hands ha ha ha YAYNESS to Breastplate Prayer Movement!
@Motsh, EISH!!! I was looking all over for him but Kabelo told me he's apparently in LA with Dre so I stopped looking LOL! YAY!! Lets do the Breastplate Prayer Movement, tell me your 12 and I'll tell you mine, what you say? Well, not everyone loves the Big Guy LOL

Love you ladies & stay blessed xoxo

Miss Mpela said...

What a beautiful post!!!!! it feels like i was there....looks like a powerful event.