Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Series Of Feasts

I am officially back in South Africa and this post is long overdue;  sincere apologies for that.  My last week in the states was very eventful and equally stressful as I had a lot of packing and dinners to attend.

Monday:  Hezekiah invited me for dinner at his apartment. 
Thanks for the lovely chilli dogs and fries

Tuesday:  SUSHIIIII with Julia and Julie
Thank you ladies for being AMAZING friends and making my stay in Providence and at 
Konnessi a memorable one.  Love you 

Wednesday:  Dinner at Spike's Junkyard Dogs with Church Family
Thank you all very much for being a blessing to me.  
I love you all and stay in His favor.

Priscilla and I

Monika and I

Janet and Emily

Danielle and I

Thursday: Had drinks with former Konnessi Colleagues and Friends
Thank you for being amazing friends and colleagues.

Mark and I

Craig and Anne

Mark, Jenna and I

Craig, Anne, Matt and Jenna

Friday: Farewell lunch at the office. Thanks Dave.

Dave, James and I
Dave is the big boss and James 2nd in command

Ryan and I

Fezan and Julie
Ummm...Fezan is the next American President

Saturday:  Did some last minute shopping and packed

Sunday:  Left for NYC at 6am, thanks Julie for taking me to the bus stop.
Arrived in NYC at 9am and had breakfast with Maria and Riche
No words can even begin to express my gratitude for the love and friendship,
both Maria and Riche have shown me.  I love you both very much and stay blessed.

Central Park Fun

Lerato, Khwezi and I

Lerato, Khwezi and Kopano

Khwezi and I

Khwezi and I

Then we were off to Sylvia's Soul Food Restaurant for Dinner
The hostess insisted on seating us at the Obama Table...yes, the very table Obama sat at when he visited Sylvia's 

Thank you very much to everyone for coming through.
I love you guys and thank you so much for all the love and friendship.
Can't wait till we meet again.


Andile and Gugu

Kopano and Norman

Andile and I


Amelia and I
Love you babe!

Left Lerato's apartment at 06:30 in the morning and she thought I was crazy for leaving so early for the airport BUT I'm one that believes in rather being safe than sorry.  The ride to the airport was the most miserable ride EVER!  I was sobbing all the way to the airport and had Beyonce's "I Was Here" playing in my head.  The cab driver was very sweet and offered me some bubble gum (not sure if that was meant to calm my nerves and make me feel better) LOL

I got off the cab, checked in my luggage and $200 later (excess luggage) I was lying on the bench sobbing, nursing my runny nose and headache.  Whilst lying there and feeling sorry for myself, I noticed a young woman who had the same  at the airport I met beautiful Candice, who's become a good friend of mine.  She's originally from Cape Town and had been living and working in the Big Apple for the year.  Candice, is funny, smart and such a warm hearted person#loveher

Candice and I
Ummm...this was like our 5th attempt at a pic and this is the best 
one we got after 18hrs of sleep

Oh yes! 5hrs into my flight, I decided to visit the restroom and on my way there, one of the Flight Attendants points at me and "claims" to know me.  In my very grumpy mood, I side eye her and say "no, you don't" but she insists that she does.  On my way back to the seat I recall who she was and went back to confirm...it was my Prefect from when I was in Grade 8, Nkele Mogotlane.  I spent the next 45min catching up with her and she spent the rest of the flight taking care of me and helping me nurse my flu.

Nkele and I
Thank you for being AMAZING and chat soon

2hrs before landing
Candice and I were besides ourselves at this point in time

Candice and I toasting whilst having breakfast

1hr 30 minutes till landing time

We finally landed, spent about 30min waiting for our luggage.  Candice and I said our goodbyes as she had a connecting flight to Cape Town.  My sisters were already waiting for me and what joy it was to finally see them and embrace them.  We went straight to my older sister's place, spent the day with my nephew and then headed home to my folks house round 6pm.

My "welcome home" cake made by my sisters.
Thank you guys, it was delicious and greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for following my blog and having shared this amazing experience with me.  I am so blessed to have experienced all that I did in America.  I'm grateful for all the friends I've made and I will miss you all immensely.  This is definitely not a goodbye but a "see you later"

God Bless xoxo