Monday, November 7, 2011

Munching On The Big Apple With Friends

I am currently sitting at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse at Cnr 9th Ave and W35th, have my scarf on, a red on my right and feeling very Sarah Jessica Parker..only thing missing is a pair of Manolo's to complete the look LOL

Anyway, my weekend was rather eventful and I'm feeling tired already and its only 18:00 on Sunday and I have a 20:30 bus to catch heading back to very cold Providence which means I will only arrive at 00:00.

Back to my weekend, my Saturday started rather early, I had to catch the 09:00 bus to the Big Apple.  Whilst waiting for the bus, an Asian guy slightly shorter than me approached me and offered me his coat.  I'm not sure if I looked like I was under dressed and why he felt the need to give me his coat.  I politely declined and told him I felt warm enough in what I was wearing.  He insisted, took off his coat, MADE ME try it on over the one I originally had on.  Ten minutes later, he gave up on forcing me to take his coat but insisted that I take the mittens and a packet of biscuits he had in his bag.  I accepted and spent the next 15min on the bus trying to figure out why he had felt the need to give me his coat LOL

3.5hrs later, I arrived safely in NYC, took a cab to Harlem as I was scheduled to meet Lerato, Siya and Tshepo for ended up being dinner!  Guess some people still operate ka African Time even over the seas LOL! Sylvia's was buzzing with tourists and athletes that were participating in the NY Marathon. Whilst at the bar, a group of tourists from Belgium joined me.  I picked up they were speaking Dutch and had a light bulb moment;  why don't you try the speaking the beautiful language of Afrikaans to them.  After a couple of attempts and biting of my tongue I managed to maintain some sort of a conversation until Lerato arrived.
Sylvia's Queen of Soul Food


Lerato and Tshepo

Lerato, Tshepo, Siya and I

Then the food arrived...we shared as the portions were quite big
Umm...Siya couldn't get enough of the corn bread LOL 

Tshepo and Siya suffering from ni***ritis LOL
Dudes could barely keep their eyes open after the meal! LOL

After dinner, we accompanied Tshepo and Siya to some last minute shopping.  I bumped into Amelia...pretty rad, caught up with her and agreed on meeting up the next day before my trip to beautiful and freezing Rhode Island.  Departed with everyone and went to New Jersey to visit a friend.

Sunday, we were up an hour later (daylight saving) and attended Mass.  I was surprised at how much of the Nicene Creed and hymns I remembered from my days of attending Catholic church back in boarding school.  On our drive back from Mass we were surrounded by these beautiful trees, absolutely gorgeous!

After breakfast, some lazing around and watching Columbiana off I went back to NYC to meet up with Amelia, Tsholofelo and Daniel at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse.

Working on my blog while waiting for Amelia, Tsholo & Daniel

 My dinner...well what was left of it!  Best steak I've had.  
The garlic mash and creamed spinach were equally great!

 Tsholo, Daniel and Amelia
Tsholo and I go way back, went to Primary and University together.
She's currently on vacation with her husband Daniel and she offered to 
stuff back to the motherland for me, thanks babe!

 Tsholo and I

Amelia and I
Umm...Amelia had made a really funny comment,
hence you can see my tonsils!! LOL

Yet, another great weekend in the Big Apple. It is always a pleasure to catch up with friends especially ones I hadn't seen in a very long time.  Tsholo and Daniel, thank you for meeting up with me and agreeing to take my package back home for me, greatly appreciate it.  Lerato, I got nothing but love for you hon!  Tshepo and Siya, it was a pleasure meeting you both.  Amelia, lets do it again soon!

Wishing you all a good week and Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...


Looks like it was quite a weekend sis :) Still LOLing at the random Asian guy who wanted to give you his coat?? Maybe he wanted to use you as a drug mule or something...did look to see if there were any cops around???? LOL! Just kidding...he was probably just looking out for you!! Hehehehehehehehe! And those 'mittens' he gave you...LOL! Goodluck finding something in your closet that will match them. LOL!!

Am excited to see what's in the parcel :) LOL!

Lotsa Love


Neo said...

It was quite a good weekend sis :) Ja no, the Asian guy threw me off LOL! Haai wena, don't say that! Imagine if that was his thing I get a call the minute I arrive in NYC and someone on the other end of gives me an address & tells me not to even think about calling the cops. It would have made for an interesting read though! LOL Thank God it didn't work out that way though! LOL

Love you sis xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awww...loving this post <3

Anonymous said...

Previous post was Tsholofelo. It was so cool seeing you!

Neo said...

It was cool seeing you too Tsholo :)