Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorite Things Fridays

Happy Friday Friends!
Where did this week go???  I cannot believe its the weekend AGAIN!! It feels like it was just yesterday when I was on my way to Detroit! 

Favorite video
 Please take time out and WATCH!!

Favorite picture
How cool is this pic?!

Favorite moment
Reaching and exceeding $10 000 for little Jamie in a week
(currently sitting on $12 247)
Please share link with your friends so they can spread the word
Being made administrator on our church's Facebook page
Please go "like" our page and watch the space

Favorite Facebook post

Favorite tweet

Favorite song

Favorite person
Alex, colleague, friend and she paid me $5 to say 
she was my favorite person of the week LMAO

Favorite thing on my Christmas wishlist
Sweet Jesus, please bless me with one of these LOL

Favorite Julius Malema jokes ROTFLMAO
Thanks Motsh for sharing with me!
Julius: I want this suspension overturned!  Comrades I wish to launch an appeal against this decision.
Jacob Zuma:  On what grounds do you wish to launch this appeal?
Julius:  I don't care on what grounds, it can be FNB, Ellis Park, Soccer City even Loftus!

Julius walks into Woolies, gets himself fruit juice and sugar.  At the till he pays ONLY for the fruit juice but not the sugar and walks out.  At the door he gets stopped by the security and gets arrested.  He goes to court and the judge asks:  Why pay for the juice BUT steal the sugar?  Malema: Haai voetsek maan!! I didn't steal the sugar, read on the back of the juice, it says "SUGAR FREE"

Favorite TV Show
Ummm...Lerato stayed up till midnight watching all 7 episodes LOL
YES!! Its that good!!

Favorite artist
Take Care and  

Wishing you all a FANTASTIC weekend!! And one last thing....

Stay Blessed xoxox


Anonymous said...

LOLing at Alex for paying you to be your favourite person of the week!! That just cracked me up :) Hahahahahaha!

It's amazing how much money has been raised already for lil Jamie!! WOW!! I pray ppl continue to spread the word and open their pockets for the lil one.

LOL! Am glad you liked the Julius jokes...LOL! A lot of them have been making the rounds since his "eviction" LOL!! Shame!!

Still loving the Drake album...fall in love with it more each time I hear it. Have you hear any of RiRi's new album? I hear it's quite something! Can't wait to get my hands on that one!

Well trust you're having a lovely weekend sis!

Lotsa love...Motsh

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