Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

My first Thanksgiving dinner was not the traditional American turkey dinner but rather a Mzanzi style dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I spent it with bom'khaya and a good time was had by all.  

Chef Khwezi and Chef Lerato whipping it in the kitchen

The food


The dinner was AMAZING!! Thank you sooo much to Lerato, Khwezi and Andile.  You guys outdid yourselves!  Greatly appreciate it!

The Guests
Bheki and I

Lerato, Khwezi and I

Kat and Bheki

Ummm...I'm terrible with names, I'm one of those that 
NEVER forget faces but names...well!! So I apologize if I 
have forgotten your name.

Kat, Dude and I

Umm...Lady and Lerato

Themba and Lerato

Lady and Bheki

Dude, Bheki and I

The Guys

The Ladies

Kemani and I
Isn't he adorable!  He is OBSESSESED with Michael Jackson LOL

Love this pic 

Cute Kemani and Khwezi

Themba and I

Khwezi and I

Kat and I

My portrait done by Artist Kemani

Ummm...that's supposed to be me.  
I think I look like an elephant?! LOL

Nhla and Kat

Aren't these HOTTTT??!!
Kat's shoes!

Death by House Music LMAO
Bheki getting down to it...

Kat doing her thang...

Thank you Andile and Kemani for welcoming me into your home.  I had a great time and it was good meeting everyone.

The Morning After
Delicious brunch and some freshly squeezed orange juice

After brunch, Lerato and I headed back to her apartment, slept, watched Devil  Wears Prada and slept some more.

Saturday Night
Went out to Vodou in Brooklyn
Tooooo much eye candy LOL
Mac and Cheese was YUMMY

Catfish NOT so YUMMY

Lerato and I

Vusi, Andile and Themba

Khwezi and Gugu

Khwezi, Gugu and Lerato

Gugu and I

Khwezi and I

Music was AWESOME and NO it wasnt' House LMAO

Another awesome night!  Absolutely LUUUURRVVVEEEDDD this lounge and will definitely be going back! *wink wink* to Lerato, Khwezi, Gugu and Andile LOL

Brunch at Black Swan, such a lovely place

Steak was toooo good!!

Subway ride to the bus stop

Got back to Providence and my thoughtful housemate had saved me a slice of pumpkin pie. Awwwww!!

Another AWESOME weekend in the Big Apple.  A special thank you to the lovely Lerato for accommodating me and allowing me to be a "bed potato" on Friday LOL!  Thank you to everyone else that I met on Thanksgiving, you guys are all amazing!

Wishing everyone a great week.

Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a food-filled weekend :) I must're looking absolutely gorgeous sis...the states be treating you good I see! LOL!

Is that yellow item a dress?? It looks lovely! Hope you had a great Thanks giving weekend...even if it was the non-traditional way!

How was the pumpkin pie??? Looks yummy :)

Loling at you calling them "guy" and "lady" guess being bad with names runs in the family cos I too suck at it...LOL!

Hope you're having a good week sis!

Loving each post :)

xxx Motsh

Neo said...

Awww thank you my treasure ;)
It's Andile's dress, I was dressed way too warm and the house was boiling hot!
Pumpkin pie was DEICIOUS!!
Ja no, the name thing is a challenge chief LMAO
Love you and hope you're having a great week yourself.

Stay Blessed and in His favor xoxo