Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Things Fridays

Happy Friday Friends!!

Favorite video
Conceptia introduced me to this inspirational young lady; BronzeGoddess 
I am in love with her Youtube channel LOL

Favorite quote

Favorite scripture
Matthew 10v8
Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.

Favorite tweet
@Gentlemenhood:  Sometimes it is better to just let go, you can only give someone CPR for a limited time, after that YOU are wasting your time.

Favorite post from a friend, Abigail Jacobs on my Facebook wall
Favorite shoes

Favorite earrings  

Favorite song

Favorite moment
Drinks and a game of ping pong with Julie, Julia and a random cutie we met.
Please excuse the picture quality, we all know that BB takes AMAZING pics lol

Favorite show 
Kept me up till 23:15 as I had to catch up and watch all 5 episodes LOL

Finally, my "mostest favoritest" thing was a 2hr skype chat with my Gal.  I especially LUUURRVVEE these as they involve engagement on scripture, life, love, men, work and plenty of laughter of course.  Love you my friend and I'm so proud of the woman you've become xoxo

I hope everyone had a fantastic week.  Wishing you all an awesome weekend and I would like to hear back from you on what your favorite things from the week were.

Stay Blessed xoxo


Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

I can't believe you hid your beautiful blog from me all this time! You're so fresh. Love it & you... happy Friday, I know how much you LUUUURVE it. (did I use that right?)

Christelle said...

those shoes are not cool!
hahahaha. much love to you.

Neo said...

@Jenna, thanks my hon and love you too. Oh used it right LOL

@Christelle, hold it, do you guys not have brogues in London?? TRAGIC!! I'm loving my brogues...maybe you guys will have them next season, patience my angel.

Love you ladies xoxo

Tshego said...

I was hoping for this Friday's fav things since I missed out on this one but hey...
I LOVE and WANT those brogues,pwetty pwease *puppy dog eyes*
oh and I absolutely LOVED the skype chat,just made me realise how much i miss u :(
And I'm sowi I missed this post gal,i had "june july" last week this time hehe.
I must still watch the youtube clip;buffering left,right and "middle centre".
And so I wait for ur fav things today :D

love u lots gojus :*

Christelle said...

NO NO NO! Not all fashion trends needs to be followed. like the skinny jeans,only for "skinny people"