Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee Shop Bar and the Standard Hotel

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I woke up quite sad that morning as I would later be heading back to Providence and bidding my dearest friend farewell.  I still cannot believe how quick the days.
Tshego packing before heading out to brunch

Coffe Shop Bar by Union Square

Photo shoot before heading to the Coffee Shop Bar

On the phone with Lerato telling her where we were sitting
Lerato and Tshego

Toasting to a beautiful weekend in NYC

Ummm...Lerato rubbing my tata LMAO
Kidding she wasnt...her hand just happened to be there!!
Our food...YUMMY!!

After brunch we headed to the Standard Hotel to celebrate Gugu's birthday...OMW!! I've never seen such beauty.  The view from the roof top is UNBELIEVABLE!!

(Images from Google, wanted to give you an idea of the view 
without the people, INCRIDIBLE!!)

The restroom...bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this LOL

The view from the cool is that?? 

The lounge area leading to the rooftop...
obviously everyone chose to be outside and enjoy the last days of summer
(this area is usually occupied in the evenings)

Note:  the Boom Boom Room where several celebrities have had their parties is at this very same hotel, it was closed as there was nothing going on.
The birthday girl, Gugu

Lerato and Tshego

Tshego and Gugu

Lerato, Tshego and I

Love this photo

 The crowd...

Apparently I can be somewhat of a comedian LOL

 Thank goodness I'm no celebrity, which entitles to me perspire 
and not make it to any gossip site LMAO

Just before I had to go...

Saying our goodbyes#sadface

Isn't the view breathtaking?? WOW!!

 The party had to continue of course...
Tshego and Steph

Then there was the subway ride to another place in Brooklyn

Tshego about to put her camera away...PEACE y'all!!

Gal, you will never comprehend how much it meant to me that you took time out of your life, bought a plane ticket and came to visit me.  I had too much fun and I am so grateful that God blessed us with such an opportunity.  "Di corns tsaka" are slowly but surely going away but it was all worth it LOL  I feel sooo sooo blessed to have in my life and I pray God will continue to bless our friendship and that we continue to create such amazing memories.

Lerato, you have been sooo sooo amazing to me since I arrived in the USA. You made my birthday special, you've listened to all my whining and moaning about the balloon store and the fact that I've picked up weight.  You've been like a sister to me and I greatly appreciate our friendship.  I pray God will continue to bless you and thanks once again for making Tshego's last weekend in NYC INCREDIBLE!!  

Miami watch out...we're on our way!! Awooooooo!!!

Mad love ladies!!

Wishing everyone a fantastic week and Stay Blessed xoxo


Keke said...

That looks like such an amazing hang out spot- a stylish farewell is always good **

Gingerjones said...

Stylish Indeed. Your Goodbye Hug and Kiss with Tshegofatso made me cry...Wow Tshego, Nice one girl, sure it was the best time you two ladies had after such a long time apart.Good Friend Indeed Tshego.

Tshego said...

So now I don't know what I'm gona be looking forward to since the NYC posts di fedile *sigh*

Anywho, I've been itching for the last post so I could comment lol. OMGzee!! I had an absolutely FABO time in the US. Everytime I read a posts, I'd relive the moments, I'd laugh and would sometimes ke borege 'cause it's all over. Every good thing must come to an end though but I choose to let the memories live on. Our pictures tell a story that I will forever cherish. It's been hard to even explain my trip to people, most times I just go WOW!! I must just but go back. It's a pity not everything is in the posts because some things can't even be explained or captured in a photo. Oh but I see the kiss made it to the blog lol, the way someone a ne a le traumatised lol!!!

Gal,where do I even start mara? Everything good that u have/had coming ur way (that's including me btw lol),u truly deserve. My trip would have never been the same without u. I got to see and do more than I bargained for and I thank you. I also thank you for Lerato (and friends) who was absolutely AMAZING! She so didn't have to invite us to all the places we went to. You're truly blessed to have her in your life and cos wena u blessed, I was blessed too.
I thank God for the opportunity and experience, truly magical :D

Shem! This has to go down as my best holiday to date and yep, we're in MIAMI *****, aaauuuuwwww! Can God spare us and bless the trip, somblief :)

I love you and hold u close to my heart, even when I stuff up :*

ps.Vusi won't come back lol

Tshego said... how can I forget di corns lol, Shantel ke ntja! She's the queen of walking in heels. Mad respect to her. I also thank her for being so great and her beau heart. She's a lovely girl. You really have warm peeps in your life gal, you're truly blessed. So is everyone in your space though.

Again thank you for being an amazing soul, I pray that things get better for us from here on :) hope you've started saving lol

Christelle said...

Hello my love!
Just did a months worth of catching up your blog. WOWWEEE!
Looks like you ladies had such a blast.

You are right, you are absolutely blessed to have Tshego in your life. The fact that she took time out to come see you shows how important the friedship is to her.

my love, I am super proud of all you have accomplished in these last 6 months. i know your journey will continue to be amazing.

love you to the moona nd back!

Neo said...

@Keke, it sure was a stylish farewell.
@Gingerjones, Tshego truly is a blessing in my life ;)
@Tshego, Gal!! You know!!
@Christelle, awww my friend thank you so much, so cant wait till we do London together with "Michelle"

Love you ladies and Stay Blessed xoxo

Miss Mpela said...

absolutely fav pic is the one you and Tshego r kissing and the sunset in the background......