Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My first 911 Call#sigh

What started off as a beautiful Saturday ended up being a really horrible one.  I started off with a skype video chat with two of my dearest friends, had lunch at a Spanish restaurant and later accompanied my friend to the barber shop...the things my virgin ears heard#smh#lol. I got home home around 20:00 and was dog tired from being out in the sun.  

My one roomate was getting ready to go out with her friends and my plans for the evening were to take a shower, catch up on some reading and retire soon after that, but the universe had alternative plans for us#smh

Whilst assisting my roomate decide on hoop or drop earrings...some dude barged into our apartment and attacked our other roomate.  Allegedly and apparently the fight was over a woman...my roomate was in his room with the dude's girlfriend#liquour#smh  

Much earlier in the day, a cookout was organised by the guys that live downstairs.  When I got home, it seemed like everyone was having fun...guess this is before the liquour got the best of everyone#smh

Back to the dreadful event...after much effort by five other guys, they eventually managed to get the guy out of our apartment.  At this point he had beat the living daylights out of our roomate and had pushed his girlfriend around as well#sigh

Just as we thought we could carry on with our evening, the guy came back and started banging on our door, cussing and making threats.  This is when we made the dreaded #911 call.  After a while the banging stopped...whilst waiting for the cops to arrive, our roomate  collapsed#sigh  At this point, my other roomate's shattered nerves just couldn't deal with the stress.  She called me as I was about to shower, my first thought, was God please spare his life.  I checked for pulse as if I had done it before...my roomate just stood there and couldn't move.  She eventually ran downstairs to tell the guys that our roomate had collapsed.  They came up and within minutes of that the cops also arrived.  

The questioning began and I've never felt so stupid as we...  

  • Didn't know the second names of the dude that attacked our roomate nor his girlfriend's.
  • Didn't know where they lived.
  • Didn't know who had invited the dude and his girlfriend but assumed it was the guys from downstairs and our roomate.
  • Didn't know if our roomate was on any medication.

We had at least 5 cops in our apartment all taking turns to ask us the same questions#smh. Didn't quite understand the logic behind that...not sure if they thought if they took turns asking us the questions we would miraculously have the answers#sigh.  The rescue team arrived and assessed our roomate.  He was admitted into hospital. 

After everyone had left, my roomate and I were left to pick up the pieces, clean up the apartment, check if our roomate's keys were in his room and obviously locked ourselves in and spent the next 2hours going through the events of the evening.

Our roomate was discharged from hospital on Sunday and had suffered head injuries, a fractured nose and a couple of bruises, but all in all he will live.  

Its funny cause when one reads or hears of such stories, one thinks they would behave differently from what the person that actually experienced the event did, but shock and confusion always have a way of taking over...anyway, all I know is I am thankful that God spared our roomate's life and I am thankful that my other roomate and I had each other and she hadn't left and gone out when everything happened.

I would like to reiterate that we serve an Almighty, all powerful, and all merciful God...the worst could've happened...I could be sharing a different version of the story but thank God I'm not.

Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Hectic stuff!! But am glad he's ok and that you guys are ok aswell!Thank God! Sounds like it was quite an ordeal!

So you're gonna have to excuse my commenting on every post...just been soooo long since I read you blog....I'm intrigued by all thats happened in a span of what...3 weeks?? LOL!

Neo said...

I appreciate your comments sis and it means you're actually reading my blog#lol

Ja no...it was crazy but thank God all is well :)

Its crazy...all that happened in the 3weeks you wasn't reading#lol


Keke said...