Monday, June 27, 2011

Freshly Ground and Ntate Hugh Masekela#Central Park NYC

As you know I live in Providence, RI which is equivalent to me living in "Blom" and NYC being "Jozi Maboneng"#lol.  Lerato told me about the concert a week ago and I knew it was a show I did not want to miss and thank goodness I didn't.  I took the 9am bus to NYC, and arrived at 12noon.  Twinky, who is also South African and currently residing in New Jersey met up with me at the bus stop and we took the subway to Central Park.  To our suprise we had boarded the express subway which did not stop until 116 Street and we were supposed to get off at 72nd Street.  We had to take another subway back to downtown.  It appears we weren't the only ones that were on the wrong subway, almost three quarters of the people got off at 116 Street and had to make their way back downtown#lol.  After a bit of walking around Central Park we eventually made it to SummerStage venue.  The queue wasn't too long at the time and we met up with other South Africans#YAY

Batweng aka Twinky
She's from Mafikeng and has been in the USA for 8yrs.
Met her for the first time at the bus stop, but felt like we had met before#loveher

The day was absolutely gorgeous, the green grass was blowing gently in the summer breeze.  People were jogging and some walking their dogs. Kids laughing and playing with their parents.  Lovers walking hand in hand and basking in the bliss.  I absolutely loved watching everyone whilst walking to the concert venue (pity I didn't get pics as we were rushing so we wouldn't have to queue for long considering it was a free concert)

The opening performance was by Somi;  I had never heard of her but thoroughly enjoyed her performance.  She was born in Illinois to immigrants from Rwanda and Uganda and spent her early childhood in Zambia.  She sings African jazz and soul, I'd describe her music as captivating, surreal and all so soulful, really enjoyed her performance.  


The second performance was by our very own home grown talent Freshly Ground.  I absolutely LUUURRRRVVVEEEDDD this performance, Zolani is so animated and so engaging#WOW

Freshly Ground

Then they performed waka-waka#YAY!!!

Thato and Tsholo "waka-wakaring" lol

Vuvuzela blowing#world cup memories

The closing performance was by the legendary Ntate Hugh Masekela.  This was the first time I had ever seen Ntate Hugh was PHENOMENAL!!! When he performed "Stimela" I felt the hairs on my arms and neck literally stand up...he was Ahhh-MA-ZING!!  His performance was entertaining, engaging and definitely a memorable experience#WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I must add that Ntate Hefner...I mean Hugh should have an uncut version...the things he was saying#haai...can't even repeat them#lol

Ntate Hugh

The concert was totally awesome and the people that I hung out with are definitely good peoples and got mad love for them, it felt like we had met before;  guess its the familiarity of!

Good Peoples#fact

"Chameleon" would like to remain a mystery hence the name#lol (he's convinced people will be asking for his contact details & he'll become an overnight "celeb" assured him that none of that will happen as I have 14 followers#lmao. Not sure where home is but all I know is uyathetha kaloku#hinthint
Shaun hails from the beautiful Jamaica and

Thato and I
Thato is from "Blom" and I met her through Keitu#beautifulsoul

Thato, Tsholo and I
Tsholo is Thato's friend & now my new buddy#lol

Nomsa and I

Zolani, Nomsa, Tsholo and Twinky

"Chameleon" and Thato#don't they look cute?!
 & no they are not dating...

Nate and Thato

Tsholo, Nomsa and Thato

Nadia and Nomsa getting their groove on#lol

Safina, Maria and Tsholo

"Chameleon" having some chow

Thato, Jackie and I

"Chameleon" and I
Think I had misplaced my MAC powder for a sec there#lol

Crowd before the concert, got mad packed as the day progressed...

I missed my 19:00 bus back to "Blom" ended up catching the 21:30 one and was only in bed by 01:30.  I struggled most of today at the office as all I wanted was my bed,but was worth it#smiles

Thank you so much to:
  • The Almighty for a safe journey and opportunity.
  • Tsholo and Thato the snacks were delicious#thankyou
  • "Chameleon" thanks for being my photographer, greatly appreciate it#mcwaah
  • Twinky, thanks for meeting up with me, waiting with me for the next bus and for dinner#loveyoulongtime
  • To everyone else, mad love and hope to see you soonest#peace
Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...

*chuckles* This will go down in history as one of the greatest moments of my life. It was indeed AHHHMazing!!!
Madd love, from Thato wa "Blom" ...o tshoga hela tau:)

Neo said...

Awwuuuuuuuu!!! lol it sure was a memorable day, thanks once again babe xoxo

Miss Mpela said...

Where was your MAC powder...lolest...... looks like you guys had a great tym. and the weather looks lovely... we are suffering from the chills of winter..eish eish esih...

Neo said...

I was having way too much fun to even worry about my shiny face#lol Winter will soon be over, JBS!! xoxo

Mukondeleli said...

Trust Neo to be thinking abt MAC during a pic, but eitherway u still looked all natural babe, aaaaah would have loved to be wakaring with you guys, amazing to c SA artists that side hopefully one day God will grant me that opportunity to Sing that side...This was an amazing event indeed the pics say it all and hmmmmm Chameleopn nami ndi ya thetha sana lol

Keke said...

The joys of being so far away from home, and having FG and Bra Hugh come serenade you personally! Love!