Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conceptia's Birthday Celebration

Thursday was my roomate's birthday and we went out for dinner at Cuban Revolution with a couple of her friends.  I haven't been out in a while so it was good getting dressed up and rocking my heels.  Providence has made me prefer comfort over cute#smh.  With the amount of walking around that I do, I only ever wear heels when I go to church and that's because my roomate has a car and I don't do much walking#smiles

Cuban Revolution is a restaurant and jazz bar.  The setting is spirited and swanky propelling one to a tropical 50's Cuba.  The music consists of a mixture of Cuban and 50's.  The ambiance is easy going, the crowd is chilled and the service is great.  The food is absolutely delicious and reasonable too.  Hang on..this is starting to sound like a review#lol

The decor

We arrived and waited by the door just like the sign said...10min later we were still waiting, the birthday girl went to inquire what the delay was, apparently no one had noticed us#mh!

We were then seated, ordered some drinks.  I had a pina colada, Conceptia had a berry mojito and the rest of the table had water#smh#lol

I had a Garlic Tropical Shrimp dish which consisted of rice, huge ass shrimp, pineapple sauteed in garlic and plantains.  Plantains aren't really my favourite, they're a starchy vegetable that look like a banana and can be fried, boiled or used in stews and soups.  You get yellow and green ones, think the yellow ones are the sweet ones and the green, not so sweet.  Besides, the plantains I absolutely LUURRRVVVEEED my meal#YUMMY  Oh yes...and bread#smh.  Still not used to the portions here but hey...

The Party Crew

Conceptia and Jess

Conceptia and Anna
Keep wanting to call her Sarah, doesn't she look like a Sarah?! lol

Conceptia and Elana

Conceptia and I

Conceptia and Nellie

Okay...we had 2 cameras flashing here, hence Sarah..I mean Anna 
was looking the other way#lol

It was an enjoyable evening, I liked the girls a lot and they're definitely good peoples.  Need to get on facebook and start sending those friend requests especially because Conceptia will be leaving for Miami end of July 2011#sadface

Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...

Nice one :) that shrimp looks yummmmy!!! I see you're still rocking the doek?! Lol! Thanks for the updates :) Love you lots xoxo Motsh

Neo said...

Eish...still rocking the doek-not sure what I want to do to my hair :(

Love you more xoxo