Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week marks my third month in the USA and I can safely say I've settled in and can call Providence, RI my new home.  This past week has been a rather challenging one...I was sick with flu, the roomate incident took place, some changes at work and found out my other roomate will be leaving end of July 2011 and not August 2011 anymore#sigh

Anyone who's visited my folk's home in Heidelberg would know that the signal is almost non-existent which leads to one sounding like they're cussing and the parent control has been activated when speaking on the phone#problematic! So, to try conduct a skype call is almost impossible, thank goodness my younger sisters Motshidisi and Modiehi, have managed to sort that out and now I can skype with my folks#YAY

Our first skype call happened not so long ago and apparently, my dad came running upstairs when he heard I was on skype#cute.  My mom on the other hand couldn't look at me as she claimed I looked sad and FAT!!#lol!!  She said she couldn't see my eyes...yes, I have picked up some weight but goodness didn't think it was that bad.  By the way, that was my mom's way of telling me she misses me#lol.  My mom and I have a rather interesting relationship but its definitely evolved for the better over the years and I must say, I was always the one that made it almost impossible for us to get along.  I was always ready to attack her and had my defences up#poormom#lol  Thanks to a little bit of growing up, I have become a better daughter and our relationship has gotten so much better.  With that said, she sent me an email the other day and this is how it read#lol

from Cynthia Mokoena
date 07 June 2011 06:40

Hello Neo

Hope you are keeping well that side. There is a certain colleague of mine who requested me your email address saying he wants you to buy some stuff for him over there. His name is Mazwamahle. I think you know him he is family friends with Duma and Lungile. This hereby confirms that I have given him your address and hope this is not a problem?

Keep well and love you!

With that said, I find myself feeling a tad sad after these skype chats with my family especially with it being school holidays and all the siblings being home.  It so happend that this past weekend was our annual family weekend away and they went to Sun City this year and I felt sad missing out on that.  I told my one friend this and he was like, you're in AMERICA and they're in Sun City, what could you possibly be missing out on?!?!  My response, was it doesn't matter where my family was, it was not being with them that saddened me.  I'm sure I'm like the only 27yr olds that still goes on holiday with her folks#lol.

If I hadn't mentioned that the email was from my mother,you would've guessed it was from some random person right?! Anyway, we've reached a point where we understand each other and I love how close we've gotten over the years.  My mom is one of the sweetest and most caring people you'll ever come across, she is AMAZING and I love her more than all the words in all the books in all the world#whydidigetmarried.

Things I miss about home...

 My elder sister, Thatohatsi...miss our "stoopid" moments#lol 

 My brother & cousin#sweetest & coolest dudes#fact!

My godson#precious

Rocky, we've had him for 13yrs now...aging#sadface!  You should see my dad trying to play with him, he looks sooo uncomfortable, funniest thing ever#darkies & pets#LMAO
Our Helper Ousi Lettie, she did my laundry.  I must admit, doing laundry sucks!!  Give me dishes anyday#lol

I miss my parents painfully, my bible study cell group, my friends,  hot wings from Chicken Licken and some peanut free chocolate#lol  Popeyes chicken is good but has nothing on the hotwings from Chicken Licken#lol

Some totally useless information, I've just come back from the post office to send a parcel to my family and it cost me $86 for shipment#smh The shipment was more expensive than some of the items I bought#smh

Some midweek humour#cute#lol

A mother was teaching her three year old daughter The Lord's Prayer.  For several evenings at bedtime, she repeated it after her mother. One night she said she was ready to do it solo. The mother listened with pride, as she carefully enunciated each word right up to the end..."And lead us not into temptation", she prayed, "but deliver us some e-mail, Amen."

Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...

LOL! Deliver us from e-mail?? Hahahaha! Hilarious!!

Aaaaah, you post just got me all teary eyed and stuff! Soo so glad we managed to skype with you was the talk of the town for a while...I swear papa told evey person who came over about how smart the 'the white man' is for inventing such a smart thing. I think talking to you (and seeing you) in real time fascinated him! LOL!!

We love you and miss you terribly sis...cant wait to get the 86 dollar parcel :) LOL!!

Mwaaaaah xoxox Motsh

Neo said...

Isn't it soo cute#lol
Papa is the cutest#smiles
Hope you like what's in the sure was pricey#lol

Miss Mpela said...

Ohh the Gal. we miss you just as much. and im supa proud of you, ups. i miss chatting to you about my crazy,self restricted live..and what i miss the most is that you just understood me and you never judged me... you are my rock mtwana...

Neo said...

Aaaaahhhh...really looking forward to you visiting me :)

Love you too Miss Mpela xoxo

Christelle said...

@Motsh, haha at what the white man invented. Im still amazed at it too.

Beautiful post my love; laughed through your mom's mail but glad you can accept and love your mom for who she is :)

ps. I still go on holiday with my parents - loud and proud!! hehe.

Keke said...

LMAO at that joke!

Your homesickness hit you pretty early- I hope you are all smiles again though. And the weight gain... I'm right there with you! The horror!