Monday, June 13, 2011


I recently watched the movie "Bridesmaids" and I thought it was the most hilarious movie I've seen this year.  It's the chick version of Hangover but funnier...or maybe not#lol  Anyway, besides it being extremely funny, it captured real people in real friendships and relationships.  It made me think of how my friendships have evolved over the years and somehow how complex some have got due to men waltzing in and out of our lives, career pressures and in some instances babies...but afterall, change is inevitable and all we can do is embrace it.

So according to an opinion piece I stumbled upon on we should all have at least the following 7 types of friends.  I enjoyed the read but didn't necessarily agree with the way it boxed the friendships as I have friends that I went to school yet they remain my closest friends to date, anyway...

# 1 The “we were classmates” friends

These people are your friends because you were in school or university and happen to get along well together. You have a lot of common memories and stories from the past to share. When you met them you usually talk about past or school related stuff and discuss other classmates or teachers. You also share with them your achievements (describing yourself as super businessman or expert) in order to give them a topic for discussion with other classmates. You will most likely have their names in your cell phone because you have called them once or twice to coordinate social events, but you wouldn’t call them out of the blue “just to say hi”. 

#2 The “we hang out together” friends

These people are usually the ones we call good acquaintances. You were in school/university/work with them. You often went partying or clubbing together. You know their likes and dislikes and you happy to see them. But you won’t share with them your problems or really personal stuff. If you were to run into them in the streets, the conversations would only last for a few minutes. You’d start with “HEY!!”, give a big grin, then ask “what are you doing here?!” and end with a “okay, see you!”. 

#3 The “common interests” friends

These are the people who share the same interests with you. You both listen to the same kind of music, like many similar stuff and you think that it will be so cool to be each other’s friends. And that’s about it. These are the kind of friends who easily drift away from you once you start to lose contact, or one of you will give up some hobby.



#4 The “Online” friends

This is the most uncommon type of friend, but they can also be the most precious. You never met them or probably won’t, but this what allows you to pour your feelings to them. You probably don’t know they real name and can vaguely know how they look, but can spent hours commenting their statuses or posts. You probably won’t be too disappointed to lose them. You do not think much about them in your off-line life. But they can raise up your mood as soon as your are on-line again.

#5 The “business important” friends

These are the friends with whom you are engaged in one business, organization or cause. These can also be influential people who might help you with your business. You will always stay polite with them. You contact them in case you need to talk about business or invite them to some social event. You will always ask them formal questions not allowing yourself taking liberties. You have their phone numbers and date of births. This not the type of people whom you miss or with whom you can have good laugh with, though their can be an important part of your life.

#6 The “let’s meet up” friends

These are what you call, your close friends. They are the ones whom you would enjoy having lunch or dinner one-on-one, enjoy holding a conversation with, and enjoy joking with. They usually belong to your tightly-knit group of 3 to 4 (a more intimate clique). You guys always have a great time at dinner together, sharing laughs, memories and many great camwhoring sessions. It’s the case where, when you put everyone together, you have an even better time.The thing about this type of friend is that they make it a point to keep in touch with you because they actually do miss you, and they really want to spend time with you and know what’s up with your life, and share with you theirs. Oh, and they will remember your birthday and never fail to wish you.

#7 The “BEST” friends

Also known as your closest friends in life. They will usually be your maid of honour or best man during your wedding. You like to talk to each other on the phone all the time. You always have a great time eating dinner together with him/her alone on a semi-regular basis and chatting one-on-one for hours. Heck, you can easily spend the whole day with each other everyday. You guys can really talk about anything under the sun, and you totally understand how each other feel. Being with this type of friends can be both fun and emotionally fulfilling. They make you feel happy to be alive.

My circle of friends comprises of all 7 types mentioned above but definitely not as boxed and labelled. Friendships and relationships are dear to me and I try my bestest to maintain the friendships even with the 6hr time lapse.  This post is dedicated to all my friends, both new and old, you've each played a significant role in my life and especially since I've been in the states#madlove

However, a special thank you to Tshegofatso a.k.a Da Gal.  She truly is a blessing and I'm thankful to have her in my life.  No words can even begin to describe the depth of my appreciation for all that she does and is to me#heartsmiling.

With that said, I challenge you to take this week to reflect on your friendships and take a moment to thank your friends for being who they are in your life.  If there's one thing I've learnt is that men come and go in our lives but true friends and family are the only constant.

Stay Blessed xoxo


Gingerjones said...

Well Said Neo....Eish kana wena you get to see all these Movies waaaaay before we do....Looking forward to watching the movie though. Yeah friends are really Something Special, a GINORMOUS GIFT from GOD...

Which reminds me that every time Tebo and I talk about you not going to be around for my wedding i become waaaay toooo SAD all over again.
Glad you gonna make it for Tebogo's wedding though........Keep Well and Take Care...Mad Luv...

Neo said...

I'm terribly sorry that I'm going to miss it babe...however we do still have the skype option#lol

Looking forward to seeing pics though and congratulations once again.

Keep well & stay in His favour :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, I love it. Its true u can box people/friends.

Tshego said...

Eish! and the so-called "da gal" takes a week to comment. I'm not usually like this, I pwomise lol.

Anywho, beautiful piece on friendship my fwendo and you know how I feels, ke go rata rati and will do anything that's in my power to see you smile and I have that with only a few :-)#thechosenone lol.

I know how you love and make time for ALL your friends, no matter how close y'all are. Something I really admire about you :-)
So I think I would be speaking on behalf of everyone when I say, you're a valued friend because you in turn value everyone around you.
I've been taking notes hehe.

I can't wait to see "Bridesmaids", it starts this Friday *happy dance*.

ps.camwhoring ke eng? *raised brow*

Neo said...

I understand...akere Da Gal has a life phela#lol're far too kind :)

Do yourself a favour and watch it...if you can, collect some girlfriends and make a night out of it :)

Camwhoring: posting pics or videos of yourselves on the internet :)


Anonymous said...

I like :) Well written sis! Mad me think about my friendships..lets just say Im not as sociable as I previously thought I was! LOL! I have like 2 of the 7 'types' of frienships?? Hahahaha! Oh well...

xoxox Motsh

Neo said...

I can be your other 5 types...just let me know which ones you is missing#lmao

Love you sis xoxo

Jabulile said...

Hi Gal

woke up thinking about you today!! Thanks for being my friend, your blog mad me think about our friendship, and the friends I have in my life!