Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I can be somewhat uptight and an absolute bore who is happpiest sitting at home watching a movie or captivated by a thrilling read, but once in a while I try do what ordinary 27yr olds do and actually go out and "live a little"#lol  This past weekend was one of those weekends, it was a long weekend celebrated Memorial Day on Monday, 30 May 2011 and the heavens were smiling down at us with the first signs of summer.
Memorial Day is a US holiday observed on the last Monday of May.  The day serves to remember all the men and women who died serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Memorial Day often marks the start of the summer season.

On Saturday evening Conceptia and I attended Water Fire which is the city's signature community arts event.   It is managed by an independent non-profit arts organization; and was founded by the artist, Barnaby Evans, in 1994 and he remains the Artistic and Executive Director of Water Fire Providence.  Saturday night, the city was transformed by approximately 100 bonfires that burnt just above the surface of the 3 rivers that pass through the middle of downtown (the Woonasquatucket, Moshassuk and Providence rivers).  Conceptia informs me that the evening's program usually consists of live music by different bands, street performers and vendors.  The public can also arrange to go on the La Gondola ride through the 3 rivers (just like in Italy)  The ambience was unbelievable, the setting sooo beautiful...made me think of Italy (well, at least that's how I imagine Italy to be as I've never been) it was romantic, gorgeous and definitely an event I will be frequenting during the summer. 

Funnel Cake from Doughboys-tastes like "legwenya" with powdered sugar#YUM!!
This is half of it - Conceptia & I shared it#Americans & their portions#crazy!!!

Human Manequin-that's what they called right?

Conceptia with one of the street performers
Sunday, I did church (which was good, as always) and ended my evening with some Spoken Word at Roots Cafe. WOW...felt like I was in another world.  So much talent and the ambience was incredible...soo soo my scene#bigsmile - not crowded, chilled, lovely crowd#winkwink and affordable cocktails#lol.  One of the guitarist was so animated, wished I had a camcorder to capture his emotions and expressions#lol.  Note:  I don't exactly have one of those "fanchy shnazzy" cameras so the pics are a tad blurry due to the dim lighting.

Dude covered some Marvin Gaye hits#eish!!

Yunnus - the guy who invited us#talent!!

The taller guy with the guitar was the animated one#killer!!
Overall, I had a really good weekend.  No, it didn't involve getting drunk and spending the whole of Monday recovering and trying to make sense of last night's events...but it was definitely enjoyable for me.  Lerato, still reckons I need to experience NYC night life, I will definitely take her up on that offer#smiles. 

Looking forward to Joel Osteen's sermon in Boston#WHOOP-WHOOOP!!

Stay Blessed xoxox