Monday, May 2, 2011

Are you kidding me right now?!?! I landed at JFK Airport, my employer picked me up (an hour late)#smh drove us to McDonalds to grab coffee (well at least that's what I thought) turned out we were going to have a meeting.  "Are you kidding me right now?!?!? I had just landed from an 18hr flight, so...2 cups of coffee later,a few yawns and sighs he decided it was time I got home and rested.  Off we drove to Long Beach, NY pity I was too tired to appreciate the scenery#sadface.  He dropped me off, told me he'll pick me up the next day at 12pm so I could meet the people from work.  Tried to get some sleep but was up by 00:00 as my body clock was out of synchronization with my destination #jetlag

Next day#feelingsluggish I managed to put on my happy face, rocked my best outfit and HOTT boots of course.  We drove to the office...oh no, its not an office its a PARTY SUPPLY STORE!! Alarmed by this sudden discovery...I had a minor panic attack  but managed to keep calm (which was very difficult for me do as I'm a tad dramatic).  I was then introduced to ALL 2 of his staff members?!?!(one being his co-owner & soon to be ex-wife) You can imagine the 101 questions I had racing through my mind...where was the rest of the staff?  Office?  My desk? Laptop? Office coffee machine?  Did my agent know this?  Did she not do an inspection of the place?  Had I been taken for a ride and would I be working for a sweat shop?? #OMWdeepbreathesx10 

The horrid stories that we read about couldn't be possible turn out to be my story?!?! 

Turned out, there was an office I could use but it looked more like a store room and cold as a morgue.  I spent my day being taught systems and procedures on how the business is run#RME and thought to myself this is not the right job for me and definitely not what I signed up for.  Spent a full day at the office, was exhausted by the end of it.  Headed back home and passed out, was up at 00:00#jetlag and got to work again the next day feeling exhausted.  Friday afternoon eventually came and I was relieved as I thought I'd have the weekend to rest and recover from the jet lag...errrhhh NO, apparently I needed to come in and see what goes on on the weekend as that's the busiest time for the business!! REALLY!! I decided to ask for Saturday off as I was feeling exhausted, still hadn't unpacked and just needed to take it all in.  "Mr. Delightful" a.k.a my boss reluctantly agreed.  I spent Saturday shopping around for a cell phone, investigated on bus routes and schedules, acquainted myself with the neighbourhood and got me some rest.  Spent Sunday at work processing invoices, packing orders and all that jazz...I couldn't fathom that I had missed church to do that!!#RME

A week into the job and trying to live the american dream, "Mr. Delightful" and I were ready to throttle each this point the following had happend:

  • He had reported me to my agent for having asked for that first Saturday off, apparently he felt if I was sooo exhausted I should've slept all day to recover and not went out to get a cell phone and walked around town#RME
  • He felt I hadn't shown interest in his business and was not ambitious to learn about balloons, balloon arrangements, party supplies and everything else#RME
  • I had also communicated to him and my agent that I didn't believe the job had met my career objectives and professional standards#sadface
After countless emails, phone calls and imagining myself "baby shaking" "Mr Delightful"  it was agreed between my USA and SA agent that I could start job hunting and would need to serve 2 weeks notice before leaving "Mr Delightful" and his party supply and balloon store#YAY
At this point I had become good friends with my 2 colleagues but I knew I had to look out for me and my career objectives.  Afterall, I had paid an agency to find me a job that would enable me to gain international experience, enhance my CV, experience America, its culture and its people but unfortunately for me, my boss had misrepresented his company and made it out to be something that it definitely wasn't#smh

Besides "Mr. Delightful" and I having had our differences, I hadn't believed the job would've enabled me to achieve any of the above mentioned goals and objectives of my trip#sadface

On the bright side, I now know how to do balloon arrangements so should you ever have a balloon emergency, I'm your girl#ROTFLMAO

ps.we don't always understand why God puts us through ish we believe we don't need or will not serve us but I've come to realise that everything that we go through God is right there and is always in control.  It might not always seem that way but trust me, He's got your back and knows your heart and its desires. Romans 8v28:  "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those whol love Him, who have been called according to His purpose"

Stay Blessed xoxox

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