Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why America?

Before I start with my rambling, I think it is vital that I start off by giving you some background on why I decided to quit my big paying comfortable job at a reputable media company (first part soo not true #LOL), move out of my very cute abode, sell the little that I had and nibble on the Big Apple.

Traveling has always been on my to-do list and coming from a typical black family it was impossible to convince my folks to take a year off after Grade 12 travel and "find myself". My folks thought its best to "find myself" whilst studying#smh!! So, after numerous conversations and attempted blackmail, I surrendered and gave into their wishes. To cut a long story short, I registered at Tshwane University of Technology, spent the first year studying Tourism Management (as I was still "finding myself" and discovering what my passions were) dropped that and registered for International Relations the following year.  I graduated, did my internship, got a real job, bought a car, moved out of home blah blah but I still had this yearning to travel and see what the world had to offer, considering I had only ever been to Australia prior this trip.  I know you're most probably thinking why Australia considering its SA white folks' utopia#LOL

Anyway, two years ago my younger sister Motshidisi, decided to go work in the USA over their winter she went, came back and only had GREAT stories to share. I then decided to go online, did some research and visited a couple of agencies.  I started my application process (folks were convinced that I was bluffing as I had in my mid-twenties-crisis mode- had called my mom in a frenzy requesting that she transfer 3k into my account as I was quitting my job - was an intern at the time- and had decided to au-pair in the states- paid the deposit and never followed through - so since that incident my mom has never taken anything I say serious)#LOL

So, after numerous skype interviews with potential employers, I landed a job in Orange County, LA which later fell through#sadface! I started the interview process once again#RME and landed a job in Long Beach, NY. I was sooo thrilled when I found out I got the job in the Big Apple as that's originally where I had wanted to go. My belly was burning with excitement, I signed my contract, had my visa interview, booked flights etc. It was all FINALLY happening and I was over the moon and told everyone who cared to listen that I was heading to the Big Apple for a year.

The night before my departure, my two amazing sisters and one of my bestest friends organised a beautiful dinner at home. It was an intimate gathering,(folks, siblings, two of my closest friends and a very dear aunt of mine). Dinner was quite emotional, my sister (who's name I won't mention lol) had a melt-down which threw me off as she NEVER cries, I mean NEVER so for her to break down like that really moved me and she really had some sweet things to say about our friendship#aaaahhh

D-Day came, we headed to the airport, had lunch with a couple of friends and family and after countless hugs, kisses a few tears, some prayer and well wishes from everyone off I embarked on my journey...

Below are pics from the lunch at the airport...

My Crazy Siblings & I
My Gals..Ntombi, Tshego & I

Dear Friend Ole & I
Childhood Friend Lungile & I

Kristelle, Michelle & I #LOL

All the events leading up to my departure and the past month spent in NY has made me realise how fortunate I am...I have been blessed with amazing friends who are always checking up on me, thanks to BBM, WA, FB, Skype and email that I still feel like I'm home in SA#grins

Therefore, I have decided to start blogging as this will enable me to keep you all posted on my whereabouts and experiences whilst in the states. Please note I do not claim to be a writer nor a comedian, think of this as my online journal that I will be sharing with if it gets too "dear diary" I apologise in advance#hidesface

ps.will also try my bestest to post pics (as you know I'm not big on that)#LOL

Stay blessed xoxox

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