Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He is Mighty to Save

After a month of suffering from miserygitis I have since been blessed with a new job and will be leaving the Big Apple and heading to Providence, Rhode Island (RI) hence my blog's title "From the Big Apple to Little Rhody"  I somehow think it was kinda hard for God not to respond to the prayers as I was constantly reminding Him of all He has promised us and the word. It was definitely a difficult month, emotionally and otherwise and if anything its made my relationship with God that much stronger.  It has also reminded me of how faithful He is and that whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.  A very dear friend of mine was also in prayer with me, everyday without fail at 8am and 2pm we dedicated time to pray and asked Him to let His will be done in my life. My friend had been instrumental in keeping me positive and always encouraged me and sent me scripture#muchluvgal

We have since had two other friends join our prayer group on BBM and have continued to pray with and for each other, we worship, praise, encourage and share scripture amongst each other.  God has been actively working in all our lives and we are trusting Him for testimonies#bigsmile agent, "Mr. Delightful" and I had agreed that I would serve 2weeks notice once I got another job as it was the right thing to do and one should never burn their bridges...but apparently some you SHOULD!!   Anywho, Easter weekend came and I got into a squabble with my boss.  He wanted me to type an incriminating e-mail about his soon to-be ex-wife and partner so he could use it in court#smh.  Yes, I could've just typed the mail and carried on with life but my spirit wouldn't allow me.  It was important for me to harbour the truth and my integrity. After a few nasty words and threats from "Mr Delightful" he reported me to my agent and twisted the truth (like he always did) and this incident led to my resignation effective immediately#drama

This led to "Mr. Delightful" kicking me out of the place he had organised for me to stay at but had forgotten one very important fact...I am the daughter of the Most High and I'm covered with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Romans 8v31 "What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?"  God knows our needs and will continually place people in our paths that will help us along our journey.  In my case, he blessed me with two angels, Maria and Rich.  I didn't meet Maria and Rich by chance, it was God's plan that it all happened.  I met them when I had locked myself out of "Mr. Delightful's" office and went next door to their offices to ask for help not knowing that I'd end up being good friends with them.  I have since been invited to spend Easter Sunday dinner with them and the rest of their family.  After "Mr. Delightful" kicked me out, Maria and Rich were only too glad to take me in.  They both have been totally amazing and I am eternally grateful for their hospitality and love they've given me. No words can even begin to express  my gratitude for all their kindness.  I pray that God will bless them richly and abundantly. 

I must just add that Maria is a typical Italian mother...always worried and taking care of everyone around her.  She treated me like her own daughter and am so humbled.  She truly is a beautiful soul#smiles  Rich on the other hand is a MEAN COOK and have urged him to start his own restaurant or catering business, he's convinced I was just being kind#lol will definitely be checking in and seeing how far he is on that front#LOL

My Guardian Angels, Maria & Rich
Back on the new job, I will be working for a company in Providence, RI and the company's name is Konnessi the Hiring Manager and I are still deciding on my title#LOL.  I must just add that she's recently just visited our beautiful country SA and cannot fathom how friendly and warm a nation we are.  She also managed to learn a bit of isiXhosa so you can only imagine how fun my interview was#bigsmile

I am excited to start on my new journey and am trusting God to continually guide me, lead me and grant me favour with my colleagues, clients and everyone around me.  I believe God always has a plan and is always in control of our circumstances (it might not always seem that way) considering all that I went through during my first month in NY but its definitely true. I might never know what the reason was that He allowed me to go through all that I went through with "Mr Delightful" but I believe there was definitely a purpose.

Some of you might be wondering why I didn't pack my bags and headed back home instead of putting up with all the ish and truth of the matter is, it did cross my mind...several times actually, but something inside me always told me there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Jeremiah 29v11 reminds us of the following "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"  I am sad that things didn't work out as planned in NY but am hopeful that RI will be what I imagine it to be and more#smiles

One quick one, I sincerly thank Lerato Maunatlala-Marumo  for all the love she's shown me, you've been a gem and I am eternally grateful.  You made my birthday so special and always took time out to listen to my whining on BBM#madlove&Godblessxoxo

Beautiful Lerato

To all the people I have met, I will never forget you and promise to keep in touch a special thank you to everyone from the  Assembly of God Gospel Church in Island Park#Godbless

ps. my parents still don't know EVERYTHING that went down, kinda omitted some parts as I was avoiding sending them into cardiac arrest - no parent ever wants their children to go through any sort of pain or challenges...especially when they're all across the oceans from them#lol  So sshhh...don't say anything until I tell them#lol

So long Big Apple and hello Little Rhody...

Stay Blessed xoxox

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