Friday, May 13, 2011

My African-American Experience#incredible!!

Two Sundays ago a friend of mine invited me to a church she attends, which happened to be First Corinthian Baptist Church (FCBC) in Harlem, NY.

Some brief history;  the church was constructed in 1912, and is one of New York City's most significant surviving early motion picture theatre buildings to date.  For thirty years now, the Regent Theatre has served as home to the FCBC, an African-American congregation formed in Harlem in 1939.

My friend and I arrived and were greeted by a long queue of predominatly white tourists with their back packs and cameras ready to capture the moment.  An usher then approached us and asked if we were regulars at the church and because my friend was, we were then permitted to enter the church#I was secretly hoping to take pics of the long queue of tourists but couldn't risk being prohibited to enter the church as they allow church members to enter first then tourists may come in at a later stage or after the service.

I'm no expert when it comes to archictecture...actually I know jack about it but when I stepped into that church a part of me wasn't sure if I was in heaven or Rome#lol.  The walls and ceiling were lavishly painted in gold and white and embodied a romantic yet sacred and holy setting.

It was rather challenging for the usher to find vacant seats for my friend and I but he eventually came right.  The church was packed; I cannot even begin to guess how many people were in there as I had no idea how many seats the church had.  It was rather warm in there and most people were fanning themselves, just like in the movies#lol.  The Pastor did reassure the congregation that they are working on an air-con system and it would be ready for the summer.

**Note: there were no vacant seats during the service-pic taken post the service.
The praise and worship was out of this world.  It started with "hectic happy-clappy" songs, the clapping elevated every couple of minutes.  I wasn't sure whether to jump up and down or bang my head back and forth like a rockstar#aketsebekekaeketsang#ROTFLMAO (Direct translation:  don't know what to do to myself)  After a while, the choir led us into a slower worship session, their voices so angelic and memorable.  I am convinced God and His angels were amongst us  and as  Matthew 18v20 reads:  "Where two or more come together in my name, there am I with them"

Pastor Michael A. Walrond from the book of Psalm 139 and the message was titled "The Inescapable God" herewith a link for those that are keen on listening to the sermon:

After the service, my friend took me to Soul Food Kitchens and we orderd some mac and cheese, fried chicken, catfish, greens and yams.
**Note:  yams are like sweet potato just YUMMIER#smiles

My overall experience at FCBC was enjoyable, I thoroughly enjoyed the praise and worship and the word was equally ecouraging and uplifting. Soulfood was too delicious and yes everything is fried#hidesface.  I had a truly amazing African-American experience#bigsmile

Note:  picture taking during the service was not permitted but the "tourist" in me couldn't resist and besides, empty seats would make for poor blogging and Thabi, although I'm not in the pics I assure you I was there and took the pics myself#LOL

Stay Blessed xoxox



Mukondeleli said...

This church looks amazing

Neo said...

It truly was...but more importantly the message was inspiring, hope you managed to listen to it :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Beautiful church :) And glad you enjoyed it. As for the SOUL FOOD....I want me some!! LOL! Looks YUMMY! Love these updates sis..keep them coming!

Neo said...

Motsh...why doesn't it display your name?? Soo not cool, anyway thanks for visiting the blog-much appreciated :)