Friday, May 20, 2011


Isaiah 45 v 2:  "I will go before you and will level the mountains, I will break down gates of bronze and cut through the bars of iron"

I have arrived in Little Rhody#YAY!!  Don, a dear friend of Rich and Maria offered me a lift as he was heading to Maine which isn't too far from Providence.  He has done exceptionaly well in his career and and has managed to remain soo humble#smiles.  He has offered me a job at his company should things not work out at my new job but I told him should that be the case, I'm heading back to SA#lol

Providence, RI is absolutely gorgeous and so quaint.  It is afterall the oldest and smallest state in the USA and managed to preserve a lot of its historical buildings.  I'm not sure if its just me or if I'm in a better frame of mind, but the people seem friendlier than the New Yorkers#smiles. 

The apartment is a 3 bedroom apartment in the New England area.  My roomates are Conceptia and Jorge (pronounced Ho-Hey) and I met Shantel briefly as I took over her room after a couple of nights of squatting in their lounge area#lol

Conceptia a.k.a C-Dawg is Haitian and her family currently resides in Florida.  She is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever come across.  I met her on craigslist (its like Gumtree) when I was searching for an apartment#iknow!!!

I was a tad nervous about going online and finding roomates but my bbm prayer team and I prayed that God will let His will be done and bless me with great roomates. I had made a decision not to live on my own as that would hamper on me getting the cultural experience and meeting new people.  So, I had responded to an advert on craigslist and Conceptia requested that I call her.  I remember saying a quick prayer before calling her#smiles.  The chat went very well and there was something about her that put me at ease. We later skyped to confirm arrangements and she admitted that she too was nervous about finding a roomate on craigslist and confessed that my skype status, which was a Hillsong song title gave her some sort of peace.

She works for City Year,RI as a tutor and mentor.  Her duties include assisting kids during classroom time, afternoon programs and through community engagement activities.  She is very passionate about her job and life in general.  She is one of the sweetest and kindest people I've come across. She too is the daughter of the Most High and am thankful that our paths have crossed.  She has promised me several road trips during the summer and am looking forward to the experiences#WHOOP-WHOOOP

C-Dawg#that's what the students call her#lol
 Jorge...can you say "hombre magnifico"??  He is half Cuban and half Puerto-rican#needisaymore#  He also works for City Year, RI with Conceptia.  He's a very easy going, chilled and friendly guy.  He's a talented cook and knows the dialogue to the "Sex and the City 2" movie#hidesface#lol


Shantel rocking her vintage suit 
 Shantel hails from the exotic Jamaica and has been in the states for the past 7yrs.  She hearts NYC with all her being.  She is uber-stylish, uber-trendy and such a city girl;  Note: all her sentences consist of the word "uber" hence the usage#lol She has introduced me to shopping on ebay and shoedazzle.  Her style is vintage and classic.  She NEVER EVER wears don't matter where she's going, she's always in 4" heels; can anyone spell DIVA?!?!  She is aspiring to work as a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist.   She has moved to NYC to do her internship at Nanette Lepore in Manhattan.  We're going to Jamaica next year#jahman#lol

Its Spring this side of the world and summer is fast approaching.  You know what they say about new seasons#fresh anointing.  I believe God has really gone before me and did "His thang"#blessed

Stay Blessed xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hey Neo. I am glad you found a home ma dear. Indeed GOD has gone before you and did his thang. Lets keep praising Him so that it all goes well and positive henceforth. Miss you Stax. Love you girl. Oh by the seems like you gots yourself cool roomies :-) Thembi

Neo said...

Aaah Thembi, I'm soo humbled by His love and faithfulness :) Ja no, my roomies are really the greatest :)

Anonymous said...

"Craigslist" search for a roommate?=BRAVERY right there babe, lol. I'm so glad you came right with that and God blessed you with such beautiful roomies from such different backgrounds too. So happy for you 'cause you will see a lot, learn a lot and most importantly, experience a lot. Now that is ubercool. Enjoying the blog and can't wait for your next one... Miss and Love you :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME my friend.. love it love it... i feel like you havent gone too far now! love the roomies ... one word *exotic*..take care, be good & be abundantly blessed! PS I have serious academic commitments (as u would know)!! so chat MOOi

Neo said...

Thanks Mooi :)

Not sure who "anonymous" is but I'm glad you're enjoying the blog - that's definitely "ubercool" lol