Friday, December 9, 2011

WORST Things Fridays

So...I had one of those weeks from that forsaken place, hence the title!

So it went something like this...
Headache from Monday till Thursday
Worked late everyday of the week
Was micro managed by my delightful boss
Had to provide a daily list of all the things I had done
Had daily meeting scheduled at 16:30 to discuss what I had done
Got soaked from the rain on Thursday
Missed my bus
Had to take a cab
My dad accused me of lying about something
Missed a phone call from my sister back home
Felt like the face in the last frame...LOL
Not a great week for me BUT God is still God and I have a relaxed weekend ahead of me

Tonight, attending Night Light at church (open mic, poetry, praise & worship)

Hope I haven't left you "depressed" with this post, considering some of you might have REAL PROBLEMS!!  I am well aware of how blessed I am and I'm sorry for coming across selfish and unappreciative at this point in time but can a girl please throw herself a pity party?! LOL

Its still "Dezemba Chief" so please have a great weekend, take care and remember to always be thankful for the life you have.  Yes, this wasn't exactly my best week but I am thankful that I am still breathing, healthy, have family and friends that love me and that God is still God!

Stay Blessed xoxo


Keke said...

The same image use used at the top (how a woman looks without make up etc), we used today at our church's women's tea where we discussed Godly health and beauty. Interesting. Anyway, I hope your weekend is looking brighter and that next week is a better week for you.


Neo said...

That's funny that the same image was used! Slight exaggeration on my part of course but you get the point...haha

Week definitely looking up, a couple more days till Christmas so definitely in good spirits.

Lovies xoxo