Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly Falalala lalala

Because He is the reason for the season, we obviously started the day with a church service at Brooklyn Tabernacle

Then off to Hoboken in New Jersey we went!

Our Beautiful Host Gugu

The Christmas Tree

The Food
Gugu outdid herself, everything was AMAZING!!

The Dessert

The Drinks

Gugu's secret ingredient Mojito!  DELICIOUSNESS!

The Friends 
Had too much fun with these people! Love you all!
Lynne, Lizeka, Lerato and Norman

Lizeka and Norman


Andile and Lizeka

Lynne and I

The Pwessies
My nephew was born on 23 December 2011 YAY!!

A Nicole Romano piece that I bought for myself
Retails for $295 and she gave it to me for $40 YAY!!

Beautiful purse that Anna aided me in getting

Throw-on, comfy sweater and beautiful leather gloves YAY!!
Thank you Lerato, love, love my pwessies

Beautiful necklace from Gugu
How cute is the gift box?!

Despite my first Christmas in the USA not being a "white one", it was too much fun, I was blessed to have spent it with beautiful people, ate amazing food, shared loads of laughter and all in all it was a really great one away from the motherland.
  • Thank you Gugu for inviting us to your home and being an amazing host, I greatly appreciate it and my pwessie of course.  
  • Andile, don't even get me started on your comment about Jesus hahaha!
  • Lizeka, you have to be one of the funniest people I know.  Such a pleasure meeting you babe!
  • Norman aka Mr Ping...don't do it! hahaha
  • Edward and Lynn, love you guys.
  • Lerato, wa tseba mos!  Ke ho lover ka lerato la love.

How did you spend your day?
What gifts did you get?

Stay Blessed xoxo

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