Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Things Fridays

Happy Friday and Happy Reconciliation Day to all South Africans!

To those of you that aren't aware why we celebrate December 16, here's a brief history;  Afrikaners tradionally celebrated 16 December as the day of the Vow, remembering the day in 1838 when a group of Voortrekkers defeated a Zulu army at the Battle of Blood River, while the ANC activists commemorated it as the day in 1961 when the ANC started to arm its soldiers to overthrow Apartheid.  In the new South Africa its a Day of Reconciliation, a day to focus on overcoming the conflicts of the past and building a new nation!

Moving swiftly along...

Favorite picture
Uh oh...she did it again ROTFLMAO

Favorite purchase
Awwww....can't wait to meet my nephew

Favorite moment
Alex's Grand-Pa Experience LOL
Neo:  It really works, almost instantly
Alex:  WHOA!! This looks like "coke" it legal??
Neo:  haha would I give you something that wasn't legal? Its just crushed asprin
Umm...poor Alex!  She hated the taste but felt better within 20min

Favorite tweet

Favorite Facebook post
This was Ellen DeGeneres' wall house would definitely be the one on the right LOL

Favorite realization
Only 9 days left!! WHOOOP- WHOOOOP

Favorite TV shows 
Was definitely torn between these 2 shows
Up All Night is HILARIOUS & Ummm New Girl...well 

Favorite song

Favorite scripture
2 Corinthians 2v9

Favorite and funniest tombstone epitaph
Way too funny LOL

And always remember...
Wishing you a FABULOUS weekend, take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Stay Blessed xoxo


Tshego said...

These hairstyles are in mos...I'm gona source me some zips hehe
Dig the song u shared. I miss such moments, my gosh!
Can't believe Christmas is gona come and go and u not gona be here,haai!

Anyway,thx for another dose of fav things Friday.

Love u lots my angel xoxo

Anonymous said...

And I neva forward those forward to ten msg...eish...

Happy friday to u gal. I hope u'll hv a fabulous wknd. love @Mpela.

Neo said...

@Tshego, ja not the hairstyle are the new craze! I got my zips already - beat ya!!! Don't even get me started on Christmas...we will be together in spirit my friend.

@Mpela, ayeye!! You better start forwarding them LMAO

Love you ladies xoxo