Monday, July 11, 2011

Watoto Children's Choir and Cape Verdean Festival Weekend

Watoto Children's Choir was founded by Pastor Gary and Marylin Skinner.  Gary was born in Zimbabwe to missionary parents. The Watoto Children's Choir is an African choir based in Kampala, Uganda at Watoto Church formerly Kampala Pentecostal Church of KPC.  It is composed of about 18 children, mainly from Uganda.  Watoto means "children" in the Swahili language.  The choir is made up of children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. 
The choir performed at New Dimension Church on Saturday and boy was it an emotional, exciting and a fun experience that reminded me of how blessed I am and the importance of counting one's blessings before complaining about what one lacks
The children were animated and sang beautifully

If any of you are interested in sponsoring a child, making a contribution or would like to buy any of the merchandise made by the HIV/AIDS positive women in Uganda please visit:

Swahili #101
Mambo Sawa - Life is Good
Hakuna Wakaita Sa Yesu - There is no one like Jesus

They actually sang Hakuna Wakaita Sa Yesu using the same tune as we do when we sing "Ha hona ya tshwanang le Jesu" so there I was singing ka SeSotho, whilst they sang in Swahili and the rest of the people were singing in English.

After the concert...
We went to Cafe Soul to an open mic session...

Cutie sharing a piece on being a father#inspiring
(forgot his name)lol

Contessa, the Founder of Cafe Soul and the Host for the evening

Yunnis performed a couple of pieces..

Conceptia singing "Stand Up for Love" by Beyonce

Performing "Wonderful" by India Arie

Contessa's man declaring his love for her#beautiful

A happy Contessa after her man declared his undying love for her#aawww
Felt like I was watching a Shakespeare play#beautiful

My Saturday evening was really awesome and I had no idea that Conceptia had such a beautiful voice#talenteboss!!

On Sunday we attended church, the praise and worship was AAA-HH-MA-ZING!!  The Watoto's Children Choir attended the service and sang a couple of songs as well.  There was a guest speaker, Pastor Bill Johnson and his message was titled "Small Beginnings Turn Into Large Adventures" and we read from the following books:
  • Numbers 14v38
  • Luke 13v18-21
  • Luke 17v20-21
  • 2 Corinthians 4v7
He made an example of yeast in the baking process and went on to say that small amounts of yeast make a huge difference in the success of the bread;  and so it should be in our lives.  
  • Small prayers of faith should change our realities.  
  • The heat in the baking process activates the agent (yeast) and in our lives;  bad situations should make us stronger and better believers at the end of it all.  
  • He closed off by saying that super abundance in DUE TIME#patience.  You are not forgotten!!
I would like to remind everyone that is facing challenges to stay in the word and trust that God is in control, as you know He never leaves nor forsakes us, even when it feels like He has.  He is faithful, loving, merciful and all so awesome and powerful#Amen

After the sermon, Conceptia and I attended the Cape Verdean festival which is an annual event.  The festival consisted of live performances, DJs, stalls and beautiful people. The Cape Verdeans are truly a beautiful nation.  Their men are GORGEOUS and their women equally BEAUTIFUL.  The weather was lovely, the venue was gorgeous as it was right by the water and I had too much fun#bliss

The view from where we were sitting

The host spoke Creole most of the time which I didn't understand
but it sounded beautiful#lol

Conceptia and Jesse
Jesse is Cape Verdean 

Girl Dance Group called Victor doing their thang

Wrist rubber band from Jesse 
Ami E Strelista means "I am a Starlet"

These guys were on FIRE!! Hip-Hop group...LUUUURRRVVEEDD their performance

Its a 7 member group#lol not enough microphones to go around#lol

Cape Verdean's "Justin Bieber" the young girls LUURRVVEED him#cute


Performed "By your Side" by Sade...thought I had recorded this but...
clearly forgot to press record#sighs
She did a raggae rendition of the song#lovely

Conceptia and I

View of the stalls...

Conceptia, Jesse and I
Thanks for the invite Jesse and for being a great host#madlove

All in all I had a great weekend and I am now at work typing this post when I should be doing some work...kind of a lousy day at the office today#bleh

Stay Blessed xoxo


Vusi said...

Diggin the up-dates homie! Wish I was there nahmean, South Africa misses you too much!

Anonymous said...

Them Afro kiddz look beautiful and energetic too-
I would have loved to hear them sing though :(
And as for the day in da sun, well some
of us will have to wait for September LOL-
It was looking great though, remindz me of "emaJAZZini"
Take care Neo

Neo said...

Aaaaahhh're making me miss SA nahmean!!! lol

You'll soon will be here and tearing NYC apart nahmean!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! LOL! So they're the Childrens Children's Choir..since watoto means children? lol! Just found that funny! Hehehehehe!

Looks like they put on a stunning show though :) You shoulda recorded a bit so we could hear :)

You looked refreshing at the Cape Verdean the had and the sling bag (the glimpse I saw of it anyway)! Am glad you're making the best of every moment that side! Kinda jealous aswell...but mostly happy :)

Always wonderful reading & keep at it :)

Mwaaah! Motsh

Neo said...

I actually didn't think of that "Children Children's Choir" that's sooo funny#lol

The Cape Verdean festival was really cool and thanks for the compliment sis :)

Thanks for always reading xoxo & love you Sis