Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Gal...

Today is one of my favourite people's Birthday and this post is dedicated to her. Most of you know that Tshego aka Da Gal is one of my closest friends. Tshego and I met about 6 yrs ago at Refiloe's 21st, she didn't like me much then, but that changed over time...not sure if it was my great sense of humour or my amazing personality#justkidding.

Da Gal is one of the most beautiful beings inside and outside, Tshego will do ANYTHING for the people she loves. She is caring, loving, kind, patient and the opposite of me...maybe that's why our friendship works#lol

Jokes aside, Gal you're truly a blessing to me and my family. You are like a sister to me and my siblings, we love you sooo sooo much and we are blessed to have you in our lives. My folks and my extended family regard you as part of the "Mokoena Clan" and I have nothing but love for you. Gal...I speak on behalf of my family and I and we want you to know that we greatly appreciate all that you do for my siblings and my folks....taking Modiehi matric farewell dress shopping, taking Kabelo shopping for his winter clothes, helping Modiehi cook and prepare for the "all soo important" meeting that took place this past weekend#lol

Gal, I love you soo soo soo much and I pray that God will continue to bless you, our friendship and grant you favour everywhere you go. I pray the year ahead will be all that you imagine it to be and more. I pray your day and year will be full of joy, love, laughter, good health and peace.

I wanted to share my favourite poem with you but think I will save it for your wedding day#smiles

Just so you wasn't easy selecting the songs for the video...I hope you enjoy watching it just as much as I enjoyed making it.

I love you and my wish for you is comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth and love to complete your life.


Thanks to Mama Maboi, Lerato and Olebo for helping me with some pics.

Stay Blessed xoxo


Tshego said...

OMG!! I'm so humbled. THIS right here was unexpected and thank goodness I haven't done my face yet cos I'm crying like a baby (as I type).
My friend,like where do I even start? I truly don't know what to say(you know me,I'm not very good with words). I really and truly appreciate this,absolutely priceless!!
Oh,I didn't like u cos u took over Ref's party lol. But I'm glad things turned out the way they did because you've equally been a blessing to me. I mean you keep my spiritual life going like u won't believe and you challenge me and remind me of the great God we serve.
I just can't believe that you,O,Lerato,Mama and Nkabi were so sneaky lol. U guys hit all the right spots and because of this,my day will be absolutely amazing, even if I don't get gifts (ok,I lie lol,I love me some gifts).
Once again,thank you my friend,this is truly special,I will cherish it for a long time to come.
Your fam is my fam #endofstory.
Love them to bit :)

Love U lotsest!! mcwaah!!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is sooo sweet! You just reminded me the true mean of friendships all over again, and that they do still exist. Happy Birthday to "Da Girl"
Stay blessed Neo;-)

VusiDawg said...

Aah The Gal nahmean! Happy B-day Ma, hope yu had an awesome 1! Neo almost hogged and stole the shine ther, thankx for the feature tho Neo, almost ran out of space, LOL! The Gal is trully a stunner of a natural beaut, Ima tell ma Mama nahmean!

P.S Madlove Always, Born Great Nahmean!

VusDawg-Snoop Dogg's Cuzn Nahmean

Neo said...

Gal, want you to know that I meant every single word in there. Love you xoxox

Anonymous - stay blessed as well xoxo lucky you were even featured#lmao got nothing but mad love for you & can't wait to have you in NYC so we can create those Kodak moments.

Love you all xoxo

Gingerjones said...

Yeah, Tshego Happy belated Birthday Gil...OH Neo i checked out the Carl Thomas Link, i like i like he's calling you by your name. Nice one girla...I hope all is well with you... Much Luv

Lolz said...

Oh meeGosh #bestestEnglishaccent I finally managed to crack this #whoop whoop!!!!!

Heya Shorty, sorry didnt respond to ya skype earlier .... we shall talk tomorrow.

Vid is too dope, now understand why you needed to focus, lol! Happy belated Tshego - sure it was a blast.

Can i send you video's and photo's up on this? Cause i got plenty!

Lemme know if this reached ya - so I know .... madd love, Lesego.

Miss Mpela said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. i hope and know the gal had a fabulous birthday...i was lucky enough to have dinner with her on that day... and NEOZA you are spot on ...Tshego is an ANGEL of note...funny enough we've also had our let's just say growing up has its perks...
Tshego the gal... i LOVE you lots and wish you all the best in the years to come..i also want to tell you that you are stronger than what you think...beliave me i know.. you have been thruogh so much and yet you still have a good heart and the spirit to give and love others...u ya rocka mtwana... love Mpela...

Tshego said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes y'all, I had a day that was nothing short of FABulous! I truly am blessed with great people in my life.
Modimo wangrocka shem!!

@VD, thank u nahmean,the call was very speshel lol,nahmean.I'll wait for u to set up that Sunday date.

@Sesi,lol I seem to have had issues with errbody. But hey,such is life and I guess the best is moving past the all that.
Thank you once again for initiating the dinner,it meant more than words can explain,truly speshel *beeg smile*
Ngiyabonga for such a beautiful message,again I'll say,I'm truly humbled *blush*

Thanx again gal :)

Tshego said...

ps.LOVE LOVE the song selection,so on point. Brick n Lace tho gal,can actually see u move to it hahaha

Neo said...

Thanks Ntombi and you ladies!!