Monday, September 26, 2011

Tshego Takes On Providene & Boston

Firstly, I need to apologize for taking so long to publish this post but in my defense, things have been crazy this side of the world.  As most of you know, my dearest friend Tshego landed on Thursday, 17 September 2011 at JFK International Airport.  She spent two nights in NYC and came to Providence on Saturday morning.  The day of her departure from South Africa was somewhat frustrating as Tshego’s accommodation in NYC had not been confirmed.   After several phone calls to B&Bs, back and forth BBM messages between ourselves and numerous hours on the internet, we FINALLY managed to secure a room.

Tshego spent the two days in the Big Apple sightseeing, meeting up with friends of friends and nibbling on the Big Apple which she has now fallen in love with.

Tshego arrived in Providence around 10:30AM...OMW  I was beyond excited to see my friend.

Tshego arriving in Providence#YAY

Goodies from the motherland
Thanks Gal for the YUMMIES and thanks to Doris for the Joyous Celebration disc (there were also packets of Ghost Pops which I ate very quickly) lol

We spent Saturday in Boston…sightseeing…exploring and 
SHOPPING of course#YAY!!

Chinatown in Boston

Paramount Pictures Building

This was some weed festival...everything sold was weed related 
and most people looked high#smh

This park is beautiful in the summer

I kinda chopped her head off in this one, sorry Gal! lol

 No I was not tipsy nor drunk...

Outside day is one day!!

Newbury Street, Boston's Fashion District

Managed to find something that I could afford#rainboots

After extensive walking we had worked up quite an appetite and we stopped at the first restaurant we saw and ordered our dinner.
The food looked amazing but it tasted just nje!

Although the fries were really good

We missed our train and had to wait for the 23:15 one

Tshego passed out while waiting for the train

I've found a new hobby... people watching, love it!!!
(The kind of people that were waiting with us at Back Bay Station)

Dude kept sticking his tongue out#weirdo!!!

We had a lazy Sunday…stayed in bed till midday…visited Providence Place Mall…did some more shopping and was home early to watch some #bliss!!

Monday, I spent the day in the office while Tshego visited Boston again.  In the evening we had dinner with Janet and Priscilla at 10 Steak and Sushi.

Tshego visited Harvard University and shopped some more!

Dinner in Providence at one of my favorite restaurants, 
10 Steak and Sushi

Tshego, Janet and I

Priscilla, Tshego, Janet and I 

The Morris Roll and Crunchie Munchie.  Best sushi in Providence#fact

More Crunchie Munchie

A couple of rolls later...this is how our plates looked!!

Then there was dessert.  Banana bread pudding#YUMMMY

A great time was had by all at 10 Steak and Sushi....should any of you ever visit Providence and happen to be a sushi lover, make sure that you stop over at this restaurant.

Note:  I will be publishing posts daily for the duration of this week.

Stay Blessed xoxo


alongopenroads said...

Looks like you girls had an amazing time!! #jealous you managed to get off work!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like u hd a Fab tym. Nice :). Lookin forward to the rest of the trip details.

Anonymous said...

I guess pictures do! tell alot.

You guys look gorgeous, Makes me proud to be South African to see such stunning ladies (says that blushing).

Definately memeories worth keeping, u guys had fun. Now for that trip I have been postponing to wink wink hint

Much Love

Anonymous said...

Looks like u guys had a blast :-) happy that I was able to hang out with you lovely ladies ! So much fun<3 -Janet

Neo said...

@AlongOpenRoads, thank goodness I managed to get time off work.
@Anonymous, stay tuned for more posts.
@Ole, well I head back home next year so you have a couple of months to come over!
@Janet, we too had fun with you and Priscilla!

Take care y'all & stay blessed xoxo

mscarmy said...

You ladies had a fab time. So happy that you had a little bit of home come too you my friend. Lexi & I will follow soon. Love your photography :)