Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Entertaining The "Inner Child"

I couldn't resist...I HAD to start this post with this clip!! Please put your earphones on and play it SUPER LOUD!! LOVE LOVE this performance!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Times Square

Tshego with Minnie and Mickey Mouse

 More Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Cookie Monster

Tshego in awe!!! LOL

NO I was not posing, I was seriously on the phone!!

Had a moment of silence for our dear friend Ntombi and took this pic

Tshego just can't deal with it all, too much of excite!! LMAO

"Ha a tsebe a ka iketsang"
"She does not know what to do to herself" LMAO

I love this pic...


Hot bod right?!

Didn't mean to cut his head off...his sexy butt distracted me!! LOL

Such a Cutie!!

 Tshego having fun with the Cowboy!

Plenty of fun was had at Times Square. We then made our way to the M&Ms Store...don't mind us, we were entertaining our "inner child" she was crying out and we had to make her happy.

M&Ms Store

How cute?!

Tshego getting her mood read by a MACHINE!! lol

Friendly staff from the store

Cant believe I'm smiling while carrying this "lovely" bag LOL

Clearly Tshego's inner child is more outgoing than mine LOL

The store was not sufficient as the "inner child" was screaming for us to go into the Toys R Us when she saw the store...we couldn't say no now could we?!  

NOTE:  Please remind me to bring a truck load of the Coconut M&Ms when I return home next year, they are HEAVENLY!!!

Toys R Us
Children's Heaven#fact

We all love Superman don't we?!

The Ferris Wheel within the store, pretty awesome!

Artist on the sidewalk
Can you do this with spray paint?

Tshego's first Jamba Juice Experience

After a bit more walking and a subway ride we met up with a friend and had dinner at a French Restaurant in Harlem... bad idea, the food wasn't good!

The chicken was great...guess you can never go wrong with chicken huh?!

By the end of dinner and all the walking, all we wanted was our bed!

John 1v16  From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.

That's exactly how Tshego and I felt, this trip was amazing and praise be to God for the opportunity.

Stay Blessed xoxo


The architect said...

looks amazing, awesome man!! Donald

alongopenroads said...

JambaJuice is my ultimate favorite!! And that paint guy looks incredible!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop Laughing- you girls had a blast- it was actually nice to see Tshego's face, I must say she looks good- Iam also happy for you Neo, to see your friend after such a long time must have been a killa of a blessing- later Neo (Kenny Mabona)

Neo said...

@The Architect, it was loads of fun.
@AlongOpenRoads, i know right!!
@Kenny, kana you haven't met Tshego, I will definitely arrange drinks or lunch when I'm back in SA.

Stay Blessed xoxo

Gao said...

I'm placing an order yadi Coconut M&M's!!!!!!

Hope you're getting these. lol!

Neo said...

@Gao, done my friend, I will be bringing you di M&Ms when I come home next year!

Miss Mpela said...

OOh thank you gals for the mome' of silence...i truely felt it....i love love love...the pics ...you guys had a blast....

Neo said...

@Miss Mpela, we missed you though & next time you better be here!!

Lovies xoxo