Thursday, September 29, 2011

Madiba Restaurant and the James Hotel

Friday, 23 September 2011
The weather was miserable on Friday but that didn't stop Tshego and I from being outdoors!

Below is Tshego's photo shoot walking through 5th Ave...
I was soaked by the end of it all!

I owe someone a pwessie from this store, I
promise to send it back with the next friend who comes to visit USA 


 A "lil sumin sumin" from Victoria's Secret

After getting soaked and doing a bit of shopping (where we could afford it) we headed to Madiba Restaurant in Brooklyn.  The restaurant has been around since 1999 and its first in the USA.  It pays homage to Nelson Mandela and it is owned by a South African, Mark Henegan.  Please check out the website for more information


That's Daisy, our waitress. 
She's originally from Durban.

Chicken Curry & Rice
Too delicious!!

Oxtail and Couscous 

About to dig in

Tuck Shop LOL

Errhhh...Uhhm $6 for a Tempo =  R43.80 LMAO

Fish and Chips Counter

 After our delicious meal, a lovely conversation with Mark and squeezing in some work we made our way back to our apartment as we had to get ready for birthday drinks at Jimmy's Rooftop Bar at The James Hotel in SoHo.

The Birthday Boy, Ernest

Tsego and Lerato

Ernest and Lerato

 Tshego, Lerato and I

Kwezi and Gugu

Kwezi and Tshego

Tshego, Gugu and I

You should know everyone by now...

Ernest and Kwezi

Lerato and I

Lerato and Kwezi


The view from the rooftop

Apparently this place is AHHH-MMM-AAAA-ZZZING in the summer.  Thanks to Lerato for the invitation and thanks to Ernest for allowing Lerato to invite us. Gugu and Kwezi, you ladies ROCK!! Mad love to all y'all!!

Stay Blessed xoxo


Keke said...

Oh goodness- look at that amazing taste of home! Even though those prices sound ridiculous, I'm still a lot of jealous --,

Anonymous said...

Death by# all those stores on 5th Avenue - 1 day is 1 day struu. Both Tshego n yourself luk so HOOOT - timeless beauty 4 sure! I also wanna cum 2 the envious!

Neo said...

@Keke, eat your heart out!! LOL
@Anonymous, do come through (not sure who you is though)

Stay blessed & have a good weekend!