Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

My first week of 2012 has been really awesome.  Started off with a great church celebration at church, the praise and worship was mind blowing... literally had me running around like a crazy woman!! LOL

 Favorite Facebook post

Today is my lil sister's birthday and I actually wanted to dedicate my whole post to her but felt compelled to share the above Facebook post as it stirred me up and got me excited this past week.

Modiehi, you're the coolest 19yr old I know, you're smart, witty, strong minded and sooo cool to hang out with.  I miss our lazy weekends spent on the couch watching all the shows you had recorded for me during the week AND waited for me so we could watch them together.  I miss acting "stoopid" with you and doing Carnival city.  I miss you and our friendship and cannot wait to be back home.  

Happy Birthday!  I pray your year ahead will be all that you imagine it to be and more.  I pray God will bless you exceedingly and abundantly.  I pray that you will grow to know Him intimately and that you will allow Him to mold you into the woman that He want you to be.  I love you and stay beautiful.

Have a good weekend friends!

Stay Blessed xoxo

1 comment:

Tshego said...

That FB post brings so much excitement, the truth that is in there :-D

Ahh Modz is the coolest my friend, she's definitely her sister's sister. I love her to bits and she's definitely gona go furthest!!