Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Ish...

1.  Moved into a new apartment this weekend

2. Love my new housemate Gabby#smiles

3.  Met up with Jenna for drinks on Sunday

4.  Had breakfast for dinner last night

5.  Loving my job...

6.  Lebogang Babe;  high school friend has landed in NYC and we will be hanging out this coming weekend

7.  The weather has been lovely#smiles

8.  Got HOTT new shoes at a sale for $25

9.  Kinda homesick...

10.  Our dog; Rocky was put down today...after heart is sooo sore right now#shattered!!

Stay Blessed xoxo


Gingerjones said...

Wow hun, Glad you have a wonderful Roomie...Sorry about Rocky, i hope you cheer up soon. I am glad the weather is super. Eish knowing you and your love for shoes neh, i must send you cash so that u can buy me a sexy pair neh. I hope you and Babez have an awesome time. Thank GOD for the Job you have ma friend. Say sup to Babez. Love you girl.Mchwaaaa:-)

Neo said...

Thanks Thembi :)
Ja are quite cheap#lol
Love you babe & xoxo